Sunday, 3 March 2013

सुन भाई कवि......

Do you write poems….? क्या आप कविता लिखते हो...? 

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CLRI February 2013!
CLRI February 2013 issue brings to you a fine collection of POEMS by Jayendrina Singha Ray, S. Chitra, Mukherjee T, Merlin Flower, Fern G. Z. Carr, April Salzano, Bijoya Sawian, ARTS by Eleanor Leonne Bennett, STORIES by Anand Mahajan, Mou Panda, CRITICISM By Aju Mukhopadhyay, BOOK REVIEW On Bangalore/Bengaluru: In First Person Singular by Meenakshi Chawla and BOOK RELEASES.
Download the CLRI Feb 2013 issue.
Call for Submission to
Indo-English Poetry Anthology
We invite you to submit your best poems to a forthcoming poetry anthology in book format to be published by the poet and publisher Richard M. Grove of Hidden Brook Press, Canada.
Check the following terms and conditions.
Genre: Poetry, 3-5 pieces.
Theme: Open to all themes but must belong to the Indo-English Poetry canon of the best quality and must be of the international standard.
Submission Status: Both previously unpublished and published pieces. For published pieces, the poets must have the copyright and you must express it clearly.
Length: Number of lines per poem should not exceed 90.
Deadline: 31 March, 2013.
Publication Date: Late 2013 or early 2014.
Publisher: Hidden Brook Press
Location: Canada
Please Note: Include your full name, email address, mailing address, and mobile number at the top of your submission. At the end, please include your bio (in 50 words or under). Send your submission with all relevant information in single MS word attachment and the name of the file should be your name.doc or docx.
May send your submission to: or but keep one of them in CC.
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Submit Book Releases
Writers and publishers can submit their new releases. We’ll include them in our Book Releases category.
Send cheque to: Khurshid Alam, Editor-in-Chief, Contemporary Literary Review India, 11/3, Nilayam Society, Opp: Waghere Society, Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra- 411 017, India.



  1. nice effort raju :-) aur please apne blog se ye robotic expression type karne wala option hata do ,,comment mei bahut dikkat hoti hai iski wajah se

  2. मेरा लिखा एवं गाया हुआ पहला भजन ..आपकी प्रतिक्रिया चाहती हूँ ब्लॉग पर आपका स्वागत है

    Os ki boond: गिरधर से पयोधर...